Sachs Capital Group leverages the simple, highly effective formula of: 

Idea Capital, Relationship Capital and Financial Capital into all key focused business areas.

We create investable opportunities for like-minded partners to yield maximum performance while protecting downside risks.  All target investment sectors are poised for imminent scalable growth.

Sachs Capital Group only invests in sectors where value can be added to each and every investment. Exclusive opportunities with proven senior professional operating, financial and marketing leaders is leveraged with our ideas, deep relationships and disciplined provision of capital.  

Our expertise is deep across a wide range of domestic and global industries and when harnessed to our innovative capital structures.  


30 years of experience, passion and disciplined tenacity has led to a very finely-tuned diversified portfolio made up of conservative financial products. The key to creating investable structured products lies in having a strong quantitative team with financial market expertise. Sachs Capital Group’s secured tradable products are designed for well-balanced risk-reward performance. The goal is to deliver maximum upside, equitable shared profits while protecting any downside losses.

Opportunistic Real Estate

Experience has taught Sachs Capital Group exactly what to look for when it comes to a truly opportunistic real estate deal.  Failing fast is the secret to success.  Controlled diligence costs coupled with  a proven track record of creating value, nurturing meaningful relationships that translate to trusted management teams lead every venture. Today’s robust portfolio has a keen eye towards growth in industrial, commercial and residential properties throughout North America.


Controlling the full operations of national and regional franchise organizations leaves little to chance. Sachs Capital Group has acquired one of the most highly sought after and recognized teams perfectly positioned to scale.  People are the assets to a rock solid, profitable franchise platform. The strength of this successful infrastructure includes senior financial, operational, recruitment, supply chain, marketing and guest relations leadership.  

SAAS Technology

Building a profitable software as a service platform is a science as well as an art. Sachs Capital Group has time-tested relationships in place that have written the book on investing beyond commonplace content managed system or CMS software. Investable high margin SaaS software must be cutting edge, intuitive through quality assurance to address current marketplace needs. It must be fully automated with low to no service issues. Above all, sustainable recurring revenue depends on building a great outside sales organization to deliver stellar customer success.


A central theme among all of Sachs Capital Group managed assets is scalable operations.  Investing in the travel and transportation industry is an investment in the backbone economy of the United States.  This industry keeps people and products moving 24/7.  It takes a well-oiled machine of vested senior financial, operational and marketing professionals to understand and execute the major pillars of both gas and diesel fuel,  retail merchandising and most importantly delivering on the promise of outstanding guest services.