Applying Consistent Discipline To

Deploying innovative merchant banking practices to deliver consistent investment  returns with like-minded partners.   


After 30 years in Asset Management and Wealth Creation , Gregory H. Sachs has dedicated his entire arsenal of skills, experience and talent to build Sachs Capital Group LP into a private wealth acquisition and management boutique.

Gregory and his team bring focus and discipline to every opportunity by leveraging Idea Capital with Relationship Capital and Financial Capital to deliver outstanding results to like-minded investment partners who seek innovative and uncorrelated returns.

Rigorous vetting and meticulous due diligence uncover unique and exclusive opportunities for Sachs Capital Group to invest its own capital alongside like-minded partners. Execution is the key to cost effective pooled structures that maximize returns while simultaneously minimizing downside risk.

For Over 30 Years

We have been pioneers and game changers in the Asset Management industry.

A Global Network

Our international network touches six continents.

“Every great investment starts with a vision, executed with ruthless precision. Creativity, trust, diligence and patience are at the core of everything we do. I invite you to join us.”


Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Business Areas


Experienced ownership in developing cutting edge software as a solution technology yielding
long term, sustainable recurring revenue.

Franchise Platform

Controlling ownership of highly proven and
recognized franchise operating groups with capacity for
multiple expansion.

Real Estate

Creating value through a robust real estate
portfolio of industrial, commercial, and residential properties across
the country.

Travel & Transportation

Ownership of operating company with deep scalable knowledge of all aspects of travel and transportation from fueling stations to retail and guest services.

Focused on your stability, security and growth

Our Investment Approach


High energy combined with proven creativity to deliver exclusive, consistent investable solutions


Trusted, enduring global relationships with immediate (timely) access to capital, qualified deal flow and intelligence


Using our own capital alongside like-minded investment partners to participate in innovative, diverse and exclusive financial opportunities

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We Earn Our Client’s Trust


I have known Gregory H. Sachs since 2013 and it is my pleasure to provide this testimonial of his credentials and character. I have had ample opportunity to work with Sachs in both official and unofficial capacities. While I cannot disclose the details of our work together, let it be known that after due verification and security checks, Sachs was deputized as a Federal Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), received appropriate security clearances and was found to be a very valuable, reliable and trustworthy resource to the DEA. He is a man of high integrity and I hope to be able to work with him again in the future.
Jack Riley
Former Global Head of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
I have known Gregory Sachs since 2004 when Triarc Companies (a public company Peter May and I controlled) acquired an interest in Deerfield Capital. I think Greg is a thought leader, highly disciplined and trustworthy. I also served on several public boards with Greg and found him appropriately focused on efficient execution and long-term value creation.
Nelson Peltz
Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner, Trian Fund Management, L.P.
Gregory Sachs is one of the most focused, energetic and outcome focused investment managers I have ever worked with. Since our meeting in 2013 on the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security board right through to our almost daily interaction at Sachs Capital Group LP - I have nothing but positive feedback to share with you. Please do contact me if I can provide you with a personal reference or testimonial of his extensive work and credentials. It is rare to find someone this accomplished who has not forgotten his roots, his humility and kindness: a true gem !
Anric Blatt
Chairman - Global Fund Exchange Holdings
Mr. Gregory Sachs is a valued customer at First Commerce Bank in Lewisburg, Tennessee, of which I am currently Chairman of the Board of Directors. I have known Greg for approximately five years and he has always conducted himself and his business affairs in a very professional and satisfactory manner. I have found Greg to be honest and easy to deal with and I recommend him highly.
William B. Marsh
First Commerce Bank - Chairman of the Board